Wednesday, 21 August 2019

WORK IN PROGRESS...the sequel

For those of you who follow me on Instagram  you will be aware that at the beginning of August I ran a 3 day Sketch Book Master Class at the yard:ARTspace
As part of the workshop I develop a demonstration sketch book along side everyone. I completed 6 pages of the 20 pages in the book. Excited by the workshop I then announced to the world (well those following me on Facebook and Instagram) that I would complete the book doing a page a day.
Each day I spent no more that an hour. 
working on this document.
Keeping it small helps and adding eco dyed pages that speak for themselves takes the pressure off.
An hour a day means that the images begin to have their own confidence. A time limit means that less is more is a built in factor.
So where do I go now that I have formed this habit?
Into my A2 sketch book and work at a bigger scale. Here you can see the comparison.
How do I start a mixed media page? Especially a big one?
I randomly cover the page with gum arabic transfer prints, then Quink, then ink.
That will be the closest I get to I will then start to draw my theme with white acrylic paint.
It is now difficult to explain how I work into this, but adding, covering and adding again using
paint, stencils and collage
until the image is doing what I want...
another difficult concept to explain.
Now where? Onto fabric I think...???


Amanda said...

Super work and process Sue! Scratches my super Mothy itch too!

Carmen Wing said...

Just gorgeous. I wasn't following before this - found you when falling down a print wormhole on Pinterest. I am now though. This is gorgeous and I had never heard of gum arabic prints. Another who loves the mothiness of these.

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