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Sue Brown is an artist who uses printmaking to tell stories. She is inspired by process as much as nature. Her work springs from the pages of her sketchbooks and she develops carefully researched themes using collagraphs and etchings. Sue uses her work to explore the relationships we have with our feathered garden visitors; she is fascinated by all things ornithological. From the smallest garden bird to characterful corvids, Sue describes them with card, glue and ink. Her prints on paper are full of expression and often humour.

The following images are made using traditional etching techniques using ferric chloride biting into copper. Each image starts with a soft wax which takes up the texture of leaves and flowers. I then draw the birds using hard wax.
All editions are limited to 30.

NEW WORK: Hybrid prints using a combination of lino and collagraph.

Allotment Crow
Hybrid print: 22cm x 37cm

Allotment Wren
Hybrid print: 40cm x 23cm

Megan's Greenhouse
Hybrid print: 33cm x 23cm

Etching: 10cmx 10cm
Frost Wren
Etching: 10cmx 10cm
Autumn Crow
Etching: 40cm x 15cm
Frost Crow
Etching: 15cm x 40cm
Winter Wren
Etching: 11cm x 40cm
All the following images are made using an intaglio printmaking technique called collagraph. Derived from the word ‘to glue’, collagraph at its very basic level is about inking up a collage as an intaglio and relief plate and printing it with an etching press.
 There are many ways to make this printing matrix, from sticking and layering different textured papers to a base plate made of mount board using fabrics and acrylic mediums to create different ink holding surfaces. Once the plate is made the surface needs to be sealed with shellac or varnish.
Once created the plate is then inked like an etching by pushing ink into all the textures and polishing the ink off white and light areas. Using damp etching paper the plate is passed through an etching press to pull a print.
There are as many ways to ink a plate as there are to make one.  From straight forward intaglio inking to, blended rubs, viscosity inking, coloured rolls and multi plate colour separation. 
Having it All
24cm x 59cm
22cm x 62cm
It's a Crow
72cm x 48cm
10cm x 10cm
Covid Corvid
15cm x 17cm
Helpful Bran.
11cm x 16cm
Dig Deeper
42cm x 59cm

Dig Deep
24cm x 15cm
72cm x 48cm
72cm x 48cm

Pigeon Pair
50cm x 32cm

28cm x 32cm

Threes a charm
40cm x 80cm

Pulled thread
40cm x 50 cm

Blue Tit
10cm x 20cm

10cm x 20cm

10cm x 20cm

Two more for joy.
30 x 45cm

Two for joy
29 x 42cm
Red Thread
48cm x 53cm

Four for a Boy
68cm x 32cm

Three for a Girl.
32 x 68cm

The Gangs all here.
40 x 80cm

Black bird
40 x 80cm

Outside. 56 x 44cm

Leghorn. 30 x 40cm

Escape. 65 x 80cm
Joey made tea. 22 x 30cm

Dropped a stitch. 46 x 92cm

Magpie with Longhorn Beetle 30 x 40cm
Rook with Moth 40 x 30cm
Crow with Stag Beetle 30 x 40cm
Got it pegged!
74 x 92cm
Dirty Laundry 
74 x 92cm

42 x 60cm
Light Sussex
60 x 42cm
The Bargain
65 x 80cm
65 x 80cm
56 x 44cm
Blue Tit
56 x 44cm
Gold Finches
56 x 44cm
Look Left, Look Right.
80 x 65cm                   
King of the Birds
80 x 65cm
                                                                 Another Maran
                                                                         80 x 65cm
Dunstable Swan
74 x 92cm
Thus Spoke the Raven 
80 x 65cm
Bird House
56 x 44cm


Coreopsis said...

Great collection! These are really fabulous--so interesting to look at. I've played around with collagraphs, but never got very far.

RareHare said...


Saw your exhibition at the Bluecoat this week. It was fabulous and very inspiring. Can you come and do a workshop in Liverpool some time ?

Cheers Fran0

Susan edwards said...

I love the fine details of feathers etc .what do use to create these.

Unknown said...

I love your magpie art. Do you sell prints?

Anonymous said...

Hi sue it's me gino terranova please contact me 😌😌

Harshu Amane said...

Hello Sue. I have chosen you as one of my artists for GCSE art. Can you please explain what inspires you to make pieces specifically of birds? Can you also talk about your thought process behind the pieces, as well as the methods that you use to make your pieces and how they work? Thanks.