Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Woman's Hour, a Radio 4 show for all those who do not listen to British radio, are asking for women who have rooms of their own to work in, to send in photographs to put on their web sight.

They are running a feature based around Virginia Woolf's premise that creative women need a room of their own or perhaps a sanctuary away from the mundane domesticity of their daily lives.
I tend to agree, but then as a printmaker I have rather a lot of kit which would be just awkward in the middle of the dinning room.

But the room of ones own is only part of what Woolf was trying to get across, the whole message is , 'money and a room of ones own', the two are obviously linked.

I would love to see everyones working spaces, it says so much about us, the green chair is where I have the odd nap as the sun streams in through the window in the afternoon...that might change your image of my working practice?


Jo Horswill said...

Hi Sue, it's wonderful having a peek into your studio. I love it, your beautiful press...and the green chair.
Some amazing looking prints hanging from the rafters too.
Will post on mine one day...after a bit of a clean up!

Cathy said...

Very interesting to see artists' studio spaces. Mine is a spare bedroom and doesn't quite look right. Yours looks much more "artistic".

Bridget Farmer said...

i'm compleatly understanding the necessity of a room of ones own now that I don't have one! I've moved home to my mum's house and just at the same time my brother and his wife and their 10 month old moved in too while waiting to move house. We're so crowded and I've no space to work! Very frustrating!!
Your space looks wonderful, I'm very jealous!

Sheri said...

I love your space. And the natural light. Nice! I'm wondering if you ever have rust problems on your press? I often do and have to keep a close eye on it with oil. You can see my work area in my garage on my blog... I just got my press last spring. Do you have a sink in your room?