Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I have been spending a few weeks making work for my galleries as earlier postings have shown, chickenless heads and little birds. This stock of work has meant that I can give myself some experimental time, hence these images.
I spent Sunday morning locked in the shed with gum arabic transfer, ink and acrylic paint. Deep down I long to do abstract images, but I am constantly drawn to the figurative, this is why
all these paint brushes have appeared. I quite like the idea of the printed wall paper texture
appearing from an implement we associate with a more spontaneous mark...sorry that sounded a bit arty!!!
The celebration of tools, check out Bridbird's latest posting.
I am not sure where these will go if anywhere, but it is useful to look at them dispassionately through a screen.

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Jo Horswill said...

Hi Sue, I think the whole figurative/abstract way of working comes in waves. I seem to sway between the two at times.
Glad you had some time for experimenting,
this paintbrush series is fantastic.