Monday, 19 July 2010


I have spent the last two days etching a set of soft ground copper plates very deeply in order to enamel them later.
I love the way the copper is eaten away by the ferric chloride
leaving me with a set of moth eaten labels in copper.
Before I start enamelling on them I have inked and printed them. This has given me a
a set of prints that have a textile feel to them as the soft ground faithfully reproduces the textures impressed into the plate.
Still working on the label idea I experimented further with enamel. Gold leaf, screen printed transfers and using watch parts as stencils.
These two pieces are the result of a days playing.


Gina said...

yum ... love those copper etched pieces ... the prints are exciting too in a different kind of way ... look forward with curiosity to seeing the enameling >>> Gina

Seth said...

Amazing Sue. Loving this during all steps of the process. But the first step shown in the first picture is calling my name!

Printed Material said...

I can see where you're going with this.... and it's working isn't it? The watch part stencils do it for me! Lesley x

A rambling rose said...

I love the plates and the printed images - playtime pays off!

Becky Vigor said...

These are beautiful, I love the irregular shapes and deep textures. As so often with my own printmaking though, I can imagine I'd become a lot more attached to the plates themselves than the prints.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are simply fabulous!