Thursday, 22 July 2010


I seem to be in the mood for developing some ideas, so with my A2 sketch book calling to me to fill some pages, I have been pre preparing them with emulsion paint and Quink ink.
More layers of ink and paint, combined with bleach and printed wall paper and images are emerging.
I am hoping to develop these crow drawings into a series of collagraphs.
Mean while back on planet enamel.
More experiments and more play, these pieces seem to need to be next to each other.
Both enamels started out like this. These two pieces of copper sat in ferric chloride for a day, unfortunately the label on the left came badly apart, but with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of luck I fused it together with the crow image to make the piece above.
It feels really good to be making work just for the enjoyment of making at the moment. It is so easy to loose that feeling. I heard a great radio program by Grayson Perry on Sunday, he works with the motto Creativity is Mistakes, so true.


SCB said...

Beautiful, Sue. I find your approach to your sketchbooks inspiring since I am afflicted with the same paralysis when confronted with a blank white page! I'm going to wash over some big sheets of drawing paper this weekend and see what happens. hopefully it will overcome my twinges of jealousy about your enamelling experiments! You like as if you are having so much fun - I'm certainly enjoying reading about it. Sara

Printed Material said...

There's no stopping you at the moment is there? The tags are so effective and your enthusiasm for what you're doing just shines through. As ever, you are my inspiration - I'm off to the shed! Lesley xx

Are you curious about me? said...

Your sketch book pages are wonderful ..Looking forward to what develops..

I missed that Grayson Perry interview, I shall have to listen to it on i-player you are the third person to mention it..the nudge I needed.

whitney-anne said...

This is looking good. I tried bleach on ink years ago but was afraid that over time the paper would just disintegrate so I never took it any further, interesting to hear you doing the same. And yes, it's far too easy to lose the feeling of play ; been suffering the same recently.

maggi said...

The sketch book pages are inspiring. There is something about crows that produces such stunning images.

Becky Vigor said...

Creativity is mistakes - that is so true, and in the same positive manner life is mistakes too. Your sketchbook pages are gorgeous in their own right, looking forward to seeing them as collagraphs. I want to do some of that making for the sake of making too, it's so easy to get bogged down in the art I ought to be making, but once it gets an ought attached it seems to diminish somehow. Creativity needs a longer leash.