Saturday, 11 September 2010


Autumn has come and the grounds of Nature in Art demonstrate this beautifully.
Not only have I been making work this week, but I have a tub of blackberries in my freezer, but while wandering around the naturalized part of the grounds there are still artistic surprises.

This Alan Jacks sculpture roosting among the briar's.
Nothing stuffy about the way this sculpture has been displayed, the thrill it must give small children when they come across it.
The sculptures in this part of the museum are sensitively placed and at this time of year this one looks quite natural.

Today work was a little slower, there really is only so much you can do in a week, but I did have 60 visitors. It has been lovely to see friends and very exciting to meet blog followers who have come to see me in the flesh. But I have found myself blushing when exerts of my blog have been quoted to me, for some unknown reason I don't think of people really reading it, so it is a shock when some of the daft things I say come back to me. Thankyou everyone for taking the time to come and see what I am up to.
Sunday is my last day, I am looking forward to completing these 2 plates, I feel optimistic about them and look forward to the next few weeks when I can get to print them. I feel back on track as far as printmaking is concerned, I have been so engrossed with the enameling that I feared I had forgotten how to do's all about balance and momentum.

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Printed Material said...

How lovely that blog followers came to see you at N in A . They will not have been disappointed by seeing you and your work up close and personal. Did the H Art thing today and saw some interesting prints but nothing to hold a candle to yours! Lesley x