Sunday, 12 September 2010


The weather has been wonderful this week and has made the grounds at Nature in Art look spectacular.
As I have observed, Autumn is with us but it is bathed in sun light.
This has made the sculptures in the grounds glow.

Today is the last of my residency and I had 110 visitors to the studio. It is startling that so many people have no idea what printmaking is and I got into many lively debates. Giclee has a great deal to answer for, many people have no concept of the original print and I was asked many times what my original was, where was my painting. But then there were the enthusiasts who came to see me because I was a printmaker and knew exactly where I was coming from. I have been the printmaking evangelist this week. Despite all this energetic banter I completed 2 more plates, this means I have 5 new pieces to print over the next few weeks.
I also had the chance to doodle over the magazine and gum arabic transfers in my small sketch book.

It has been a busy week, hugely valuable in kick starting me into new collagraphs and my head is full of new ideas. I hope I can keep the momentum during this term. I think the toughest thing has been having the discipline to blog everyday...but I hope you will all be relieved to know I will give you a rest while I get on and print all these plates.
I look forward to showing the results.


Patricia G said...

I am amazaed how much work you have done this week. Surely visitors interrupted you. You also took some great photographs, and you blogged! In awe!

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Have just found your blog and I love your work.
Would love to have been able to visit your studio, but a passport would be needed,oh well!
Shall be back another day for a dose of inspiration.

Printed Material said...

I think you had a week and a half didn't you? Glad the weather was kind and the visitors abundant. Looking forward to seeing those plates materialise into fabulous ORIGINAL prints.... I expect you nearly choked just having to say the word giclee! Lesley x

Patricia G said...

Just wanted to thank you, and your daughter, for the emulsion transfer technique you shared. Tried it with some students and we got successful and quicker results than we'd achieved with Image Maker previously.