Sunday, 3 April 2011


This is a silk aqua tint and tile cement collagraph measuring 65cm x 35cm and has been a delight to make. I was spurred on by the success of the smaller silk aqua tint experiment I made a few weeks ago. This shows the textures where I have pressed leaves and wall paper into tile cement. The high lights and details on the crows are achieved by painting wood glue onto the chiffon, this is the silk part of silk aqua tint.

This is an enamel on steel, not quite finished yet, I am toying with the idea of adding some colour here and there, but I do rather like the moodiness of it all.
I particularly like the way the transfers react on bare steel. And yes I cut the shapes out by hand.
I am happier with the colours, or lack of colour in this piece, the previous enamel on copper was way too green for my liking.

Both these pieces have been a pivotal learning experience for me and I am looking forward to working further with these techniques.


Robyn said...

I don't understand how you did this but the birds are sublime. And the second piece, another technical mystery, is also beautiful.

Wendy Rhodes said...

These are really beautiful, I do like the restraint, very dramatic. The focus on the shapes of the moths against the starkness of the 'architectural' detail makes me think of desk lamps lighting up corners, overlooked in the clutter and colour of daylight.

Jane Housham said...

These are absolutely beautiful. How did you print the moths on the postcard you made for 'Taking Flight'? Were they printed on tissue paper? Will it go through the printer?

Anonymous said...

Lovely work, I like the first one especially :)

Printed Material said...

That crow has that magic look in his eye. You know how to make them come alive don't you? So skillful. Lesley x

Paper Chipmunk said...

I just love these! The crows especially make me want to stare in pleasure. They're so textural, and the shapes and expressiveness of the birds is just wonderful. But I also like the moth pictures as well. These are great.