Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I am working my way through an eBay purchase of 1.5kg of vintage pocket watch parts, experimenting with copper, enamel and riveting.

I particularly like this one with the broken glass,
to make a change from using the realistic moth transfers I have rummaged through my pile of

screen print transfers and popped some random images on the moths. I think this is a line of enquiry I will follow further as the weeks go by as I have several dozen spoons that are crying out for decoration.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


I have just heard that this collagraph with the addition of a ring pull and bottle top has been selected for the Society of Wildlife Artists annual open exhibition. The Natural Eye will be at the Mall Gallery, London from 26th October.

It is well worth the effort to get to this particular group show, it is a marvellous mix of techniques and images, interesting prints and fabulous sculptures. I think because it is a show with the common factor being the subject rather than the technique it has a rich and eclectic feeling. I will be visiting it on the 28th...fancy meeting for a coffee?

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I have had many email enquiries about how I make my collagraph plates, especially when I mention tile cement or Polyfilla. Every collagraph artist works in their own particular way, which I think is the exciting thing about this process. So here are my tips and wrinkles. If you are ever Gloucestershire way, I run weekend courses showing exactly how I work and pass on my secrets.

I am working on a commission at present, the drawings of which I have posted previously. I like to use grey board and as you can see I have reversed and cut out the shape of my raven and also started the background of oak leaves.

Mixing Polyfilla with PVA glue I have applied it to the substrate and while still wet pushed in pressed oak leaves. This gives a very delicate impression that will print fantastically. Remember less is more!

With the background dry I mask the edge of the raven with masking tape.

Apply another layer of Polyfilla(who are not sponsoring this post) and push feathers here and there again to give a hint of feather to the finished composition.
Feathers work really well, this photo looks as if the feathers are still there.

This plate is far from finished, Polyfilla and tile cement hold far too much ink and will print too dark if it is not sealed with PVA glue. I also want to use carborundum to make a really black bird.

So off to your nearest DIY store and see what fillers and tile adhesives they have on the shelves and experiment.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Yesterday saw the second Ar-T-Party, arty party, art tea party. The last one was 2 years ago.
Friends, family and neighbours joined together for an afternoon of tea and cake challenge, which was to bring an art related decorative fairy cake and a yum time was had by all.

A marzipan Magritte creation.

A Smarty Damien Hurst spot painting.

Dali floppy watches.

The challenging Van Gogh ear.

Then the cute creations, this cake has already been sampled.

Tea time...!

A pair of pandas.

This oasis in a sea of delicious glittery cakes.

And then there were the people who could not stop at one cake.

These butterfly cakes came with a wonderful explanation of fairy wing testing.

And last but not least the monopoly board.

This was an afternoon for all ages, tea and cake, what more can one ask for to celebrate the end of summer and the start of a new term?

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I love this time of year, the garden seems to have a last colourful push before the autumn.
Looking around my garden I am thrilled at how much colour I still have.

From vegetables,

to flowers,

this flower is at the top of a 5 foot stalk,

and I will be soon picking my own chillies, but I am not sure how hot they will be.

My window box still has blooms too with these exotic looking flowers. Although I envy the dahlia growers, I am still pleased with what I have before the winter sets in.

Friday, 2 September 2011


As you may have gathered I have not been about, Mr Brown and I have had been on our annual trip to Dorset for a few days under canvas. But things still happen!
I have had these 2 collagraphs accepted by The Society of Graphic Fine Art for their 90th Annual Open Exhibition.
To be held 3-15 October at the Menier Gallery,London. Check out the details on www.sgfa.org.uk

The New Brewery Arts in Cirencester has invited me to exhibit enamel spoons in their exhibition Only Words, 3 -20 October. Inspired by the Cheltenham Literary Festival happening at the same time it will be a stimulating exhibition of artists work that have text elements. www.newbreweryarts.org.uk

I am still inspired by Marley and have been planning more collagraphs.

These drawings are in preparation for a commission, of which I will tell more when I am further on with it.

It feels like my break in Dorset was 4 weeks ago not 4 days, I could be showing you glorious coast lines and charms of gold finches, but while on a walk Mr Brown and I found a house with these in the window. Now my imagination is going 10 to the dozen...any suggestions?