Monday, 5 September 2011


Yesterday saw the second Ar-T-Party, arty party, art tea party. The last one was 2 years ago.
Friends, family and neighbours joined together for an afternoon of tea and cake challenge, which was to bring an art related decorative fairy cake and a yum time was had by all.

A marzipan Magritte creation.

A Smarty Damien Hurst spot painting.

Dali floppy watches.

The challenging Van Gogh ear.

Then the cute creations, this cake has already been sampled.

Tea time...!

A pair of pandas.

This oasis in a sea of delicious glittery cakes.

And then there were the people who could not stop at one cake.

These butterfly cakes came with a wonderful explanation of fairy wing testing.

And last but not least the monopoly board.

This was an afternoon for all ages, tea and cake, what more can one ask for to celebrate the end of summer and the start of a new term?


Menopausalmusing said...

What FUN! The Van Gogh made me feel a tad queasy though. Favourite: the tomatoes on the vine.....

And here's one of those odd word verification "moments", my word is "scona"!

Carole said...

Dali's clocks and Van Gogh's ear....who would ever have imagined such a fun theme for a tea party! Oh I love the idea and the finely crafted tidbits.

Kitsch and Curious Elsie said...

These look great!!! I think I'd like to try Damian Hirst's Smarties.

Caroline said...

What a fun way to have tea! Love the Dali clocks - very clever.

Gina said...

What brilliant creations although I did rather baulk at the Van Gogh ear.

Jill said...

What fabulous fancies, and I have to agree, that ear is just a bit too real looking. I'd have to close my eyes and pop it all in at once - oops.

Printed Material said...

Which one did you make? I love Van Gogh's ear but think that even I - seasoned cake connoisseur that I am - might have had to close my eyes as I ate it!