Monday, 23 December 2013


Well to be honest it has arrived in our house.
The mantel piece has its decoration which
I add to everyday as I find lost boxes of Christmas decorating treasure. 
Dedicated this year to childhood memories, garden birds
and friends in distant lands.
Sorry everyone, once again we got Rudolf.
Before Christmas ecstasy really sets in and
this is a strategy I have use for a few years now to survive the post Christmas creative block, I prepare
a few things that I can go back and finish when the games run out and the fridge is empty.
I want to make a series of booklets in enamel
based on the Lost Relatives.
I have made notes in sketch books,
explored themes and
treated myself to ink stamps and new transfers.
The shed, tidy with bits and bobs laid out ready to get back too is now locked, presents are wrapped and there is one last food shop to do. The last two images here are my Christmas wish to you all. Here's to a creative 2014.


Paper rainbow said...

Happy Christmas to you, have enjoyed following your creative travels during the year! I loved the ppe at your christmas decorations that Jack Frost figure is lovely!

Caroline said...

Oh dear everything is making me cry today. I have just seen a glimpse of Christmas at yours and had to get a tissue. Hope you have a wonderfully creative 2014!

BadPenny said...

Beautiful. Merry Christmas x

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Now THAT is a different Christmas. Beautiful.