Sunday, 5 January 2014


It is going to be a busy 2014, kicking off with an intensive week starting the Crafts Council's scheme Hothouse on Tuesday.
I am one of 38 makers chosen to be on the scheme, so I am ready for some challenging hard work.
Straight after Christmas I was back in the shed developing these small books.
I have mixed ferric chloride to etch some copper.
Played with layering up transfers with sgraffito, loving the copper green emerging through the white enamel
and thanks to the tidy up of my shed pre Xmas I have found my watch parts,
so I can include them in my compositions.
Here's to a creative New Year, new beginnings and revisiting good ideas, thankyou for your comments over 2013 and keep in touch followers, it's good to have feed back.

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