Sunday, 8 December 2013


Just before the festivities kick in and I throw myself whole heartedly into decking the halls, 

I have taken to completely tidying up my shed and starting a new piece of work that I can pick up when the glitter has settled in the new year.(More about that in later posts)
 It was a mammoth tidy. Thanks Iris!!
I excavated some printmaking experiments.
I found things I had lost, but suspect that I have now lost things as they are placed in different...tidy places!!
Reminded myself of work I would like to develop...the flock of enamel crows come to mind.
My weird collects are now on view.
I can get to the pillar drill.
And now know where there are some nice brushes.
 Four bags of rubbish later and a box of books are now off to the local Red Cross bookshop. Now looking at these photographs I am wondering how tidy this space really looks, it feels neater at least. 
Now I am turning to the gentle decorating of the house that takes place during December.
You might recognise these from other Christmassy posts.
Even Frank is getting into the spirit, or in the way depending on your point of view.


Sharon McSwiney said...

Looking lovely Sue...such an inspiring place to work. I so need to do the same to my place - things have been creeping in recently leaving me less & less space to actually make work!! xx

Printed Material said...

Good to see that there's room in that shed for two people to play for a day in the New Year! We must talk dioramas too as that box/papercut/print or collage idea is one I'd also like to pursue. Love those paper decorations. I got some free from a magazine to hang up but I've also started to blu-tack origami stars to the windows - quite out of character for me....

BadPenny said...

I love your work & popping over to see it here. Thank you for a glimpse into your shed... pussy cats too... perfect !