Tuesday, 25 February 2014


I have a couple of galleries after some of my enamel spoons. This means I have had to lock myself in the shed today and crank up the kiln.
After preparing the steel spoons with grip coat which is black.
2 coats of white enamel is applied.
Here are some naked spoons waiting to be adorned with screen printed transfers.
I am still beetle obsessed, but I am being seduced by these chintz transfers.
Just adding a touch of Spring to the fly's and ladybirds.


Sunday, 23 February 2014


There has been a flurry of collagraph activity in my shed this month. I have got over the January lull and despite the damp weather, I am feeling the creative Spring urge along with my garden.
I have made the decision to make a print a month, I now have a print in hand after making this raven.
This image comes from a set of drawings made sometime ago. It is always worth looking back through old sketch books, there are often treasures nestling in the pages.
Using grey board, Poly filla, wood glue and carborundum I get the tones and textures I need for the
dark feathers and high lights of the raven.
A really good way to start Sunday morning, cranking collagraphs through my press.
This raven is just how I remember him. My friend Lesley and I spent a thrilling morning getting to know Marley the raven, it brings back lovely memories revisiting this image.
Here they are hanging up to dry, my studio always looks organised after a printmaking session!

Monday, 17 February 2014


With the weather being so awful it is a relief that my studio is just down the garden with no wading!
So I have spent time on an image that has been in my head for months. This is my take on the old story of how the wren became king of the birds and an excuse to include images of my favourite birds.
From the drawing stage comes the plate making, using tile cement and carborundum to create tones and textures.
Tile cement allows me to press real feathers into the birds and the carborundom gives that rich black needed for crows.
The red breast, label and gold crown are added later.
Waiting for these to dry and have details added, they are destined for, Moss Prints, Cheltenham. Junction Gallery, Woodstock. Church House Designs, Congresbury, nr. Bristol and Sky Blue Gallery and Framing, Bristol.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I have been busy in the shed editioning some of my favourite collagraphs.
doves and coots hang up to dry
after an intensive morning of inking.
I have also been spending time
expanding the Lost Relatives on spoons.
Putting digital transfers
together with sgraffito, screen printed transfers
and commercial ceramic decals.
There is something very satisfying about the shape of a spoon and have you noticed the slight outbreak of colour?