Thursday, 27 November 2014


This week has been the penultimate class. Everyone has become confident printmakers over the 9 weeks and stunning work has been produced.
We added Gum Arabic transfer to the printmaking methods learnt this term, applying the technique directly to dry collagraphs.
I have posted just a taster here as everyone produced gorgeous pieces and as I get so excited I tend to stop taking photos because I like to be there with the work and not behind a lens. 
Using this technique means that a photographic element
can be added to the composition without using nasty chemicals.
The transfer naturally incorporates into the composition because it uses the same ink.
I think it is difficult to tell where the print ends and the transfer begins.
I have to say it is one of the best things to teach, I love the look on everyone's face when a transfer has been successfully made.
And look you can do it on feathers too. Go to for details on 4 colour separation using Gum Arabic Transfer, have fun!

Friday, 14 November 2014


I have to admit I am finding my print a month challenge stimulating.
It is making me draw
and my sketch books are filling up with
ideas, some of which
will be made into prints, others may languish on these pages.
I try to make my collagraphs look almost the
same as my drawings.
But of course in the flesh collagraphs have a lots more texture.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I have just returned from a weekend in lovely Leicester teaching
the collagraph technique of Silk Aqua Tint at the Leicester Print Workshop. 
Everyone worked really hard and produced rich atmospheric images.
Silk aqua tint is in my opinion the most sophisticated way to use collagraph. 
The images produced look like tradition mezzo tint or etched aqua tint, but no nasty chemicals are used to achieve these results.
Using mount board as your substrate apply a layer of chiffon to the card.
Thin layers of acrylic or glue are applied to develop a varied tonal range. 
Ink the plates in exactly the same way you would an etching or any other collagraph plate.
Then using viscosity rolls, 
depth and several layers of colour can be printed in one pass through the press.
The LPW is excellently organised and I was shown great hospitality by Sarah Kirby, 
I am looking forward to the next workshop I will be running there next Spring.
 I will also be planning a Silk Aqua Tint workshop at The Yard, ARTspace Autumn 2015.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


The 1st November saw the start of my Creative November workshops at Hampen Factory.
The weather was gorgeous and I had a wonderfully creative group keen to learn about mono printing using the viscosity inking method.
All these images were made on a plastic surface
using different layers of ink.
Then put through the press once to
create these complex images. 
                                      After a brief lunch break everyone worked into
the initial mono prints with inked card
creating strong graphic elements.
There are 2 more Creative November workshops with places available,
its not too late to book, contact me for details.