Sunday, 7 June 2015


Another workshop at the yard:ARTspace this weekend.
Monoprinting. A very underrated technique, but ideal for loosening up those creative muscles.
Layers of colour,
exciting textures, 
together with wonderfully coloured oil based ink produced some very interesting results.
Start by inking up part of a piece of plastic, Cut thin card shapes and ink those. Lay on some delicate pressed and dried plant material, this acts as a way of inking delicate vegetation to print later. 
Inking and layering, inking and layering, passing it all through a press and ta dah!
The results can
be complex and
Soft starting points to work into with other media or
finished pieces in their own right.
Every bit of the inking process is used to make another piece. 
Generating lots of ideas and
delicious experiments.
Thankyou so much to the group for a very creative yet relaxed day. 
What's on at the yard:ARTspace can be found here.


Sharmon Davidson said...

I love monotypes, and do usually use them as backgrounds for mixed media work. These are spectacular!

Lizzie said...

Hello Sue, thank you for a really good day on Saturday! It's great to see your photos of our work in progress. I'm sure everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
I made a blog post too, in case you would like to read it (

Hope to come along to another course some time soon!