Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Once every two years certain parts of my house and the whole of the garden get a deep tidy and clean, all because of Cheltenham Open Studios. I have been chipping away at the preparations for sometime now.
I have got my work sorted ready for Christine and Sharon to pop in tomorrow and add their magic.
I have had a few gorgeous finds at our local Red Cross book shop recently and
I am sneaking them in wherever possible.
I am now very pleased with this corner.
The garden is also doing it's bit,
but enjoy these poppies here, I fear they will not last to the 13-21 June.
I have packed the shed full of bargains and goodies.
And there will be a table full of sketch books to look through.
Just outside the shed this rose is beginning to flower and will add to the ambience with a delicious smell.
I hope you can pop by for a glass of Pimms on the 11th between 6-9pm. If not see you between the 13-21 June. Details for Venue 28 are here.


Caroline said...

Ohh that is all looking so beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful time with lots of lovely customers. Lucky them! X

Sharon McSwiney said...

House & garden look fab Sue - looking forward to spending 10 days with you! x

Printed Material said...

Can't wait to see it all. Roll on next Tuesday!