Tuesday, 6 October 2015


So what do artists do at the weekend? Well I have just had a busman's holiday at Hope and Elvis, near Nottingham learning how to solder with the very generous Di 'Tinker' Foster.
Di assembles art treasure and with 
the magic of soldering
creates extraordinary objects packed with memories and symbolism. 
The studio known as Hope and Elvis hosts fascinating and inspiring workshops,
organised by the lovely Louise Presley (on the left).
Here I am hanging on every word as Di shows us how to solder.
With my collection of bits poised to make treasure boxes and charms,
we all made several pieces to take home
giving us lots of soldering practice.
When not soldering or eating Tunnocks Tea Cakes there were lots of inspiring things to look at.
Pieces by Julie Arkel and
Even examples of my latest passion, budgies...more about that later.
After 2 days I had a set of things I am happy to take home and a new skill into the bargain. For more examples of this creative weekend check out the Hope and Elvis Facebook page
Meanwhile back in the shed I made a few more labels for 
the up and coming Select Showcase, now only 2 weeks away.
Back to 
the yard:ARTspace for a quiet bit of teaching this week I think.


Charlotte said...

A glorious place to go. Louise has a programme that has something for everyone and makes it the most fantastic day. Anyone interested might also want to find out about Welbeck generally as it has a fantastic history. The Underground Man by Mick Johnson is a good place to start.

Diane Foster said...

Thanks for coming along to the workshop Sue! I so enjoyed soldering with you and the things you made look wonderful as a collection - your pictures have captured the essence of the days and the joy in the room as we all worked together on our treasures - keep in touch I look forward to seeing you again. Xxdi

Wendy Rhodes said...

I adore the lacy corvids - all your skills coming together in a series of exceptional, deliciously dark, pieces. x