Sunday, 15 May 2016


I have the best job in the world and I meet the most fantastic people
The last couple of weekends has been full on workshopping at the yard:ARTspace and
in Much Wenlock for Gallery Twenty Twenty.
Both the workshops were the Mixed Media Techniques for sketchbooks
As you can see last weekend was hard work, enjoying the sunshine and warmth in the yard's yard for a 2 day workshop.
Ink, bleach, paint, wax and a few gum Arabic transfers later...
folding and cutting too, then hey presto,
a wonderful collection of sample leaflets to inspire sketch book pages.
Yesterday, different venue in Shropshire, different, but an equally creative bunch.
As this was just a one day workshop we concentrated on
acrylic transfer
Ink, bleach, paint and wax.
The resulting leaflets looked
like the starting points for complex abstract
A lovely bit of composition.
But the side effect of all this workshopping has been to rekindle
my sketchbook practice and has given me the momentum to 
work on my pages and prepare lots more for my next set of experiment days.
Also this week I have pulled off the 'Print of the Month' and it's a bigun
On an A1 piece of paper...just.
And inspired by all my exposure to my lovely new textile chums this peacock is holding an embroidered snippet (thank you Julia for showing me how to make a bullion rose)


Printed Material said...

What a great selection of results. Looks like they embraced all the techniques and produced some wonderful books here. I could do with a bit of that sketchbook energy down here. Thanks for the reminder to break out the gum arabic!

Sharmon Davidson said...

The workshops look like so much fun - I wish I could have been there. The work is truly inspirational!