Monday, 23 May 2016


Saturday saw a viscosity monoprint workshop at the yard:ARTspace.
I am excited about this workshop as it takes mono print to the next level, from a 
simple effective technique to a complex exciting way of working. 
Using the principles of viscocity inking often used when printing a collagraph,
a runny pale ink stops a thicker ink (the red) from laying down,
then a really thick ink (the black) will not roll onto the pale or (as in this image) blue.
The print is then popped through the press and worked on with more mono printed shapes.
Thin card, textures and wall paper are the low tech, but effective mask starting points.
Hard edge graphic shapes and soft painterly effects can be achieved.
Left over masks can be printed and reprinted to make new work.
This is just a small selection of the days out put.
It is a great way to generate ideas quickly, without thinking too hard. Ideas that can be worked into and taken further. for more workshops and courses available for the rest of the year


Lynne Fornieles said...

Looking so good

Sharmon Davidson said...

Sue, I've never seen monoprints done quite this way, but the results are so fabulous! I like really like the subtleties in the 4th one (blue), and the overlapping of shapes in all of them.

Printed Material said...

They look good. Bet they had fun!

Leslie Lim said...

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