Monday, 19 December 2016


Can creativity be a burden? I have to admit that I find Christmas exhausting as I can't turn my making muscle off! I started decorating in November, well that was a business decision as I decorated the yard:ARTspace for my Create for Christmas workshops.
I start off with crocheted stars and snowflakes.
Then the paper snow flakes make an appearance.
My mind turns to Christmas goodies and this year
I have found the perfect tin to pop them into.
The metal tree goes up adorned with snowflakes and strange enameled pieces.
This year I got together with a bunch of creative chums and we did extraordinary things with pipe cleaners.
Mine have reached the metal tree in the yard.
Come the first of December I start to think about decorating the house.
I always start with the lanterns and lights.
The second weekend in December sees me adorning the 
mantle piece, it becomes an enchanted woodland of birds, fungus 
and berries. Thank you Julia Jowett for this little wonder.
Rudolf makes an appearance the next weekend and yes this year he is in disguise.
As if Christmas wasn't busy enough the talented Caroline McCatty and I set ourselves the Fairy swap challenge, usually alliterated and set in the January, often done at the last minute, always a highlight of my Christmas for the last 12 I can't believe that this will be our 13th Fairy.
This year it is Film Noir Fairy (are we running out of themes?) Poor Caroline got this from me.
And I am soooo lucky to receive this from her. We have decided what the theme is for next will have to wait and see!
To add a touch of competitive edge to this years festivities, I have set a Bauble Challenge for my family and friends. I found these little glass lovelies at Hobbycraft and bought all of them!
Here is mine ready to be joined on Christmas Eve by the creations from my husband and 3 grown up children. I just love a festive diorama. 
Last but not least the tree goes up a week before we eat and drink too much. I would love to create a Scandinavian look to my decorations, all natural wood and clean lines, every year I fail. More is defiantly more with a hint of the sinister.


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Stephanie Jo said...

Amazingly and beautifully creative in so many ways. I wish I accomplished even a fraction of what you have.