Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Happy New Year everyone. It is always a difficult creative time between Christmas and getting back into the swing of things in a new year. January is dark, the glitter has settled, things seem dull after  the twinkly lights
The answer for me is to draw,
draw, exploring new ideas and reworking things 
I know how to tackle. Creative survival is all about making things achievable.
So while the juicy mixed media drawings sit and quietly stew, I am straight into a stack of Magpies with a white background.
Grey board, glue and
a quantity of carborundum and I am off...!!
A new collagraph made and editioned. Three for a Girl and I am planning Four for a Boy as I type.
Still time to experiment and make the next installation for my Museum in the Park
First World War project...more of that later.

Happy New Year and I hope you find your strategy to get going again after in 2017. 


Roberta Warshaw said...

I know what you mean. I am so uninspired. Epecially with what is coming up in our government. It is hard to concentrate.

Love your birds!

Printed Material said...

I'm a real sucker for a sketchbook page as you know! Great results with the feathers too. Good to see your mojo working at full speed already this year.

Wendy Rhodes said...

What brilliant encouragement you are for all of us. There's no easy way around the new year doldrums other than just getting back to it. Easier said than done. Love the magpie stack and can't wait to see what the 4 boy magpies will be getting up to..