Monday, 16 January 2017


A new year and a new term at the yard:ARTspace and off we go with a spring in our step.
The ten week course has got going with dry point plates and I am looking forward to exploring multi plate printing and over laying colours.
The first weekend workshop of the year took place , energetic and exciting, 
fueled with custard creams and 
enriched by this lovely chartreuse green mixed for me by Hawthorn Printmaker Suppliers to match the yards corporate colour.
Concentration was the order of the weekend.
And lots and lots
of beautiful
mixed media and gum arabic transfer printed
booklets were made.
Everyone went away inspired to 
use that stash of random artists materials
we all collect over time and forget how
to use.
A great start to the year, a lovely bunch 
of excited, creative people. Check out the website for what is yet to come.

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Printed Material said...

Fabulous results. They look experienced already! That green is so juicy and luscious. Gorgeous.