Thursday, 18 May 2017


Last weekend the yard:ARTspace lured the marvelous Sarah Morpeth from her Cumbrian home to the warm climes of Cheltenham.
The yard was filled with her magical creations, intricate paper cut artists books,
telling touching stories and raising paper cut to a completely new level.
Books and pictures of all sizes were on display to inspire the class participants.
And how they were inspired...
Day one everyone produced these
exquisite beak books and
not a cut finger insight.
Sarah was tremendously supportive leading
to happy satisfied results.
Day two led to colour and these beautiful
backed books.
All very individual from cool and classic to
Everyone had a story to tell.
Sarah was generous and inspirational, at the end of this weekend there was a happy set of book makers. Thank you everyone for your creative energy and thank you Sarah for an excellent weekend...can you come back next year??


Lyn Griffiths said...

Can she come back in the winter then I can come please sue

Charlton Stitcher said...

And yes please from me too. This looks lovely but this time I was otherwise occupied!