Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Last weekend saw me rolling out my signature technique, gum arabic transfer with a textile twist at the yard:ARTspace.
Since the successful workshop at Hope & Elvis  earlier in the year, I have been experimenting with more gum arabic transfer prints onto fabric...I am becoming obsessed!
This photo shows the start and finish of the transfer process, spreading gum arabic on to a photocopy on the left and printing the inked copy onto a substrate on the right.
Inbetween those two stages is the inking and the
spraying off with water.
I was thrilled with the work everyone
produced on paper in the morning.
But the day was all about the fabric really. Here I encouraged everyone to put together a fabric collage. I could not believe that I supplied needle and thread to tack the pieces together 
There was lots of decision making and
beautiful results appeared.
The planning really paid off
and the work room was filled with prints, copies and fabric snippets.
And here are some of the results...
All gum arabic transferred images onto collaged, pre-embroidered fabric or just using textile as a replacement for paper.
Lots of experimentation took place, this is transfers on cynotype pieces.
Finished projects, resources for future projects and experiments emerged, I am really hoping that I will be sent some images of progressed work. Thank you everyone for your creative energy, it was an exciting day. 

This is proving to be a popular workshop so I have planned an extra day this year, which is booking up quickly. Check for the October 6 gum arabic transfer on fabric workshop.

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