Monday, 4 December 2017

END OF TERM AT the yard:ARTspace

It's getting all festive in my world!! This is the time of year when my mind turns to Christmas cards. 
I have decided to try a new material this year. Why make life easy eh?
Now I know it's madness to make a collagraph Christmas card, the inking is far too time consuming. So this year I have made a collagraph robin as the basis of a stamp.
Using Magic Stamps from Handprinted UK. Iron the surface of the blue block, protected with baking parchment, then
press onto you chosen texture. In this case my collagraph robin.
Ta dah! Inked with a roller, or an ink pad! So that's my card sorted.
As part of my busy Christmassy weekend I held the last class of 2017, fueled by festive treats.
Viscosity mono printing is always exciting as everyone
makes lots of colourful , layered work.
Could I get anymore rollers on the go?
The results are spectacularly colourful, 
All these prints are made with one pass through the press,
and excellent printing use of wall paper.
Then the over printing starts,
adding rich colour to pale ghost prints,
extra texture and above all
silver ink.

It has been another exciting printmaking year at the yard:ARTspace and 2018 is looking to be equally experimental. There are just a couple of places left on the 10 week course and the weekend workshops are booking up quickly. Have a look at the website and see how the yard can develop your creativity.


Bix said...

I love all your work and your collagraphs especially...I have recently started looking into lino cuts and have also just bought the magic stamps. Thanks for the tip on using the iron. Great idea.....gel printing and collagraph though still mainly hold my interest. Have a great christmas Bx

Aine Scannell said...

Hello again Sue

Seeing that excellent idea for a way to deal with hand making Christmas cards put me in mind of a post I came across on Alisa Goldens blog ( I recommend signing up to - if you dont already.

Inkless Printmaking with Velvet Devore effect / Burnout Technique

Maybe good for the art works you are working on right now re the moths collection etc.
Although you have probably printed /completed those by now.