Friday, 29 December 2017


So here I am in between Christmas and New Year. I have got my website up to date, sorted out a newsletter and now a blog post. This dose not make me super human, just trying to fill the gap left by my family going home after several days with a full house over Christmas!!
I do try to keep my hand in and this holiday finds 
me doing a bit of research and development. 
This little sketch book is for a 3 day summer school I am planning for next year. 
Not on the web site yet, but details are going out in the newsletter. 
I find developing pages 
very soothing. 
You may notice a little festive influence.
I have to say I love the monochrome snow brings to the landscape, always inspiring.
Walks have had me constantly bird spotting. 
And there is always the odd garden visitor.

But it has not all been work, I have had some fiddly fun too.
I go back to childhood makes at Christmas, these peg angels were made several years ago. 
This years peg fairy's have become very pantomime dame and
I had the joy of participating in Viv Sliwka's alternative angel workshop at the yard:ARTspace in November. 
Inspired by the weather and as part of a family decoration challenge I did some stitch drawing and made a snowy lantern.

All in all it has been a full on season, cooking, decorating and generally having fun. I hope you have had an equally cheery season and have lots to look forward to in 2018. 

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