Wednesday 15 December 2010


I feel at my most creative this time of year, I have always found myself making Christmasy things ever since I was a child, but now I find that I am in a complete making frenzy. I am working on new collagraphs, experimenting with enamel and ....whizzing around the house putting up twinkle. Looking at the work I am blogging today I can now see the seasonal influences.
These collagraphs have a wintry feel to them.
I wish I could attract more birds into my garden, these are blackbirds from Hampen.
This is very experimental. Copper and steel moths enamelled, the steel left bare to rust. I have more to do to this piece before I am completely satisfied.
But the I thinking poinsettia here?
I am happier with this piece, less is more with the addition of colour. I am now finding that making enamel work is not as quick as it was when I first started, I am becoming harder on myself about the finish to the surface.
I am also getting a bit complicated about the forms I am using. Is it a book? Is it a sculpture? No it's an experiment!
Etching, pierce sawing, cutting, bending and a variety of enamelling techniques. My biggest thrill is that it collapses into a closed concertina book with ease, but the etched lace is in danger of snapping off.

So where are the crocheted snowflakes, have my textile followers been cheated? Although I will be locking myself in the shed for another few days, finishing off stuff and starting things that I can go back to after the Christmas break when the glitter has settled, I promise to post a Christmas blog with things I have made just for us at home.


LAC EMP 2020 said...

No, don't show me snowflakes... promise me you won't.... I'm already up to my eyes in crochet and felting wristwarmers, hats and the like. I don't need another project and you know that if you show me, I will love it, and then I'll have to have a go. Please give me the heads up and I'll bypass that post... love that concertina piece. It's all coming together so well. Lesley xx

Kirsten S√łeballe said...

I like the colors in your artwork with the blackbirds. And the enamel concertina with butterflies are just lovely.
Best regards from Kirsten

Andrew Stone said...

I love the accordian moth pierced booklet.
The delicacy of the lace and the raised moth wing and coarse quality of the hinge are all very evocative.
I like the blackbirds too.