Friday 25 May 2012


It is very interesting how we see the same things so differently and this is what the fish slice challenge is highlighting. Here are two offerings after challenging the technical staff at UWE.
 I love the way Ryan has taken on the task of altering the object with wax stalactites.
It is interesting how we apply our own skills to these objects, when I saw stainless steel, I could only think enamel, so to see wax oozing off the surface was stimulating.

Rachel who has taught me enamel over the last 3 years enamelled and sand blasted and enamelled again after plasma cutting the utensil. I think the shadow the object casts  has a gorgeous edge.

I am looking forward to more takes on this everyday object over the next month or so.


Jane Housham said...

The bar has been set very high! I'm mulling over a few ideas... These ones are great -- as was yours.

LAC EMP 2020 said...

The fish slice challenge....? I think I may have met my Waterloo...ideas are thin on the ground... I shall be really keen to see what others do!