Tuesday 8 October 2013


What a busy time it is, there must be makers all over the country, painting, sticking, framing and assembling ready for 'Seasonal' exhibitions coming up in a month or so?

I dropped these two off this morning and they will be appearing soon in an exhibition at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham. The British Society of Enamel and the Guild of Enamellers are organising the exhibition, Heart of Heat. This will show case enamellers from all over the country and should prove to be a must see show for all of you who are intrigued by the craft.
11 Nov - 13 Dec, School of Jewellery, Birmingham. 
When not whizzing around the countryside in the 2CV, I am getting work ready for
those season shows.
This is a new batch of festive lost relatives.
The background? Why wallpaper from B&Q. And yes reader I bought a roll!

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