Saturday, 20 September 2014


Today I hosted an Artea party in support of Butterfly Conservation, it was part of the butterfly bake off that has been happening in Gloucestershire this past week.
and yes of course the theme for the cakes was, butterflies.
It is an opportunity for me to get out my vintage china and challenge my friends to make a butterfly related confection.
Holly subverted the theme by making Flying Butters suspended over the tea table, orange and almond...yum
I went for a simple sponge, but made lace winged butterflies with icing.
Trish and Brian who helped by bringing promotional material, information boards
and live moths caught in a moth trap the night before made these lovely creatures.
These 2 examples of gorgeous baking came from  
3 generations of bakers, thankyou, Shelly and Carol.
Dinny made this beautiful narrative edible sculpture, the less lettuce the bigger the caterpillar. 
Thankyou Anne for these delicious blueberry butterfly cakes, they took me straight back to parties from my childhood.
On the wall outside the kitchen was a representative from the natural world and if anyone can identify this moth for me I would be grateful.
Our little tea party raised over £40, thankyou to all those who came with offerings and a bigger thankyou to all those who came and ate cake. Lovely to see you.

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LAC EMP 2020 said...

Now you know I can't resist a moth challenge and my immediate response was that it is a Dark Arches but I checked and, although there is a small second flush at this time of year, it might not be right. Nothing looks perfect for it in my 'moth bible' but I also found the Large Ranunculus, in flight Sept/Oct and found by day on walls etc.and found in a line south of the Severn. The antennae look right but the wing pattern is a bit off. Still, I've learned over the years that there are many variables in moths so I'm plumping for the Large Ranunculus.... until someone smarter offers another suggestion! Great cause to raise funds for. Lovely cakes too!