Thursday, 4 September 2014


Something very exciting has happened in Gloucestershire this week...the opening of Crucible 2.
In 2010 I posted about Crucible, the sculpture exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral and I am pleased to report that Crucible 2 is every bit as inspiring. 
There are pieces in the Cathedral grounds, Monumental Steel Bull, Terence Coventry. 
Through the portals of this beautiful building, carefully and effectively placed are
sculptures of quality and meaning. Always challenging, The Thief  by David Mach
Damien Hirst, whatever you may think of his work, produces statement pieces.
Fallen Angel is a bronze covered in gold,
with obvious hints as to why he has fallen.
Anatomy of an Angel is perhaps a more typical Hirst.
There are works placed all over the building, smaller pieces tucked away, Untitled Sphere by Alastair Mackie.
Steven Gregory's work commands a second look,
entitled Tick, Tock. 
Just off the Cloisters made famous by Harry Potter is this unexpected Antony Gormley.
The Cloister gardens also show off some remarkable work.
Untouched is a tranquil work by Angus Fairhurst.
In contrast to Vesqua by W. Pye which you can touch. Don't be fooled by it's surface.
This is one of my favourite pieces, Bread Hand by Marc Quinn. Tucked away and easy to miss. 
Go into the Crypt, the works there have an atmosphere of their own,
Split Shadow is another of my favourites by Ann Christopher.
Thames by Jordi Raga.
The Cathedral lends it's own drama to the exhibition,
It is not like walking around an art gallery. Constellation 2014 by Daniel Chadwick.
I was lucky enough to be invited to the private view organised by one of the exhibitions sponsor's, Willans. Thankyou Chris Ryder for taking me along.
I did not have time to see all the work, so I need to go back to find the Henry Moore, David Nash and the Randall- Page work just for starters. on until the 31st October. Not to be missed.


LAC EMP 2020 said...

I loved the last exhibition and treasure my photos of it so I absolutely must get to see this one too. It's such a fabulous setting isn't it? I sent Alistair Mackie some wasps nest once to make a sculpture from. That one in the photo looks like one of his made from skulls and bones. I think he is fantastic. I'm getting the diary out to plan my day right now! Had no idea this was happening so thanks old chum for the heads up.

mycuriousteaparty said...

Thank you for a wonderful tour.. I have sat here for the past half hour walking in your footsteps and looking through your camera's eye.. Thank you.

Sharon McSwiney said...

So enjoyed the last exhibition - unlikely to get to see this one so thank you for sharing! x