Wednesday 8 April 2015


I am seized by the urge to it the spring weather or
am I being inspired by the creatures who have moved into my garden?
Their front door faces my shed window, so not only are they my muse but
a constant distraction as I watch them taking in cosy bedding. 
The fact that nature is now sharing our garden
has got me exploring the collection of nesting materials.
Home making is synonymous with sewing and I have been completely 
hooked on this seasons Great British Sewing Bee on television...
So inspired by the Sewing Bee I have started to do some dressmaking after a long break. I love the paraphernalia, patterns, cotton reels, pins and needles. 
 But I have been completely inspired by
Aunty Alice's sewing machine which has moved into the shed.
These drawings are in my A2 sketch book so I am planning large collagraphs.
This is a plan for a very large print and will be A1. Hoping to get this done for Art in Action in July.
I can't quite get away from how our feathered friends share our urban environment.


Caroline said...

All Amazing!!! That little bird is not just beautiful but has such good taste. The drawings are so exquisite and such fantastic ideas for prints.

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous. I know what you mean about inspiration outside the windows. I have been captivated by the Tits and Sparrows in our garden.

Sea Angels said...

Just fabulous xx

LAC EMP 2020 said...

Love all these ideas and can't wait to see what you run up on that machine. I seem to remember you're a dab hand with sewing? Great use of the patterns and the nest theme. Love where this is going.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Love the drawings Sue, I can see them all as prints.

Sharon McSwiney said...

Beautiful birdies once again...xx

Unknown said...

I love this series of sewing birds! Really inspired!

Unikuu said...

i love these!!