Friday 15 May 2015


It is hard to believe that it is nearly half term, 5 weeks of the second term has gone by at the yard:ARTspace. The 10 week collagraph course has progressed rapidly.
All the printmaking groups have taken on the challenge of colour separation and multiple plate printing.
Carborundum, skim and repair plaster and wood glue has been the basis
for their experiments.
Interesting, textural
key plates have been produced.
Atmospheric experimental
images have been made.
But this week it all became clear...honestly! Adding colour to the
second plate and printing the coloured plate under the key dark plate resulted in...
this collection
of rich,
These are just
a few of the
gorgeous prints made on Wednesday morning, afternoon and on the evening class.
It will soon be time to apply for the Autumn 10 week printmaking classes, go to for details

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Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Thanks for sharing all these GREAT and inspiring Works!