Thursday, 15 October 2015


This term is moving at speed, next week is the last session before half term for the 10 week printmaking course at the yard:ARTspace. 
This week has been very exciting as everyone has started to print the 
 very carefully made Silk Aquatint plates made over the last 4 weeks.
It is such a sophisticated way of making a collagraph plate.
Rich, velvety dark tones can be achieved together
with subtle tonal variations.
Combined with Chine collee during the printing...!!! Well?
I have to admit to indulging myself this term, with 3 groups I did have to do a number of examples
and demonstration pieces. So I raided some old sketchbooks for inspiration
and hunted through my private chine collee stash.
So far we have all made small 5"x 4" plates. But next week we will be viscosity inking and I will be handing out A4 sized silk aquatint plates to work on for the last 5 weeks of the course.

For more information and how to book onto the next 10 week collagraph course go to 
the yard:ARTspace for details.

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