Sunday, 22 November 2015


I know that it is still only November, but I have made my cake, pudding and Christmas cards and I am beginning to address the situation that present buying can be! I may use my fall back plan and buy Christmas at T K Max! 
But at the yard:ARTspace it is still creative and magical hosting the last Create for Christmas workshop of the season...this means that about 30 people have hand crafted goodies to present to their families this season by taking part in this festive program of workshops.
It was the turn of the artist Dinny Pocock to share her skills with the Robin Bobbin workshop. Inspired by Julia Jowetts workshop presentation last week, everyone received their goodies in these little carriers...I know brown paper is one of my favourite things.
Tools , materials and 
and examples ready...
everyone was soon stabbing, stabbing, releasing the tension of the week onto wool fibre.
Here is Dinny directing the activity.
By the end of the workshop there was a flock of jolly robins all with individual characters in the yard together with practice mushrooms.

So, blog followers, I need your opinion. I think a series of workshops based around creating handmade things for Christmas in the October and November is a crucial thing before we are all sucked into the materialism and mayhem of putting together our family festivities...WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should I repeat this next year, what would you like to see appear on the program of Create for Christmas? I will pop each comment into a hat and draw out  a winner who will receive one of these small enamelled labels... you have until the 10 Dec to let me know. I value everyone's opinion and would love to hear from you all.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

NICE ideas...I like the last idea...Are these image transfers?
Thanks for sharing = )

Gill said...

I think this is a great idea - I'd love to join in net year!

Kitsch and Curious said...

Hi Sue, I'm wondering why you're wondering about this one. The workshops look great! Why wouldn't you do it again? Or would you rather do something else? I'm not really your ideal market for these events, though, as I have so little budget available! If I had, I would definitely go for a print-related workshop, as that's where I know very little. Hope the feedback helps.
Elaine x