Wednesday 6 April 2016


The story so a shed far far away...
So by now you are use to seeing these light hearted figures that I have cheerfully called Ladies & Gentlemen, steel and enamel brooches with their articlatedlegs. In an impetuous moment I decided to have a slightly different shape etched out by the lovely Etched Components in Birmingham, so I could add arms.yes reader, I had some made in copper so I could etch them.
But who thought I would become interested in Dias de los Muertos dolls?
They are of course armless!!!!
And with a touch of the Frida Kahlo's
particularly after finding the perfect flowers
I was off on a different path for my Ladies & Gentlemen.
I have been experimenting with heritage images for their faces...
balaclavas crept in together 
with beads and fabric. These are small figures and not to be worn.
But now it's getting more sinister. 
I have made a few benign Ladies in preparation for the Contemporary Craft Show at Bovey Tracey in June
But there is some development to go with these
 and I suspect that these figures
will not be straight forward.


Wendy Rhodes said...

Quite a departure, love your dark sense of humour. The skeletons are looking drop dead gorgeous!!!

LAC EMP 2020 said...

I like where you're going with these. Definitely a departure yet still recognisably 'you'.

Sharmon Davidson said...

These little figures are great; I especially love the Dios de la Muertos dolls! I'm sure you'll sell out, they're marvelous!