Saturday 18 July 2020


The deadline has been postponed as the lockdown continues. But for those of you who have one ready, but due to one thing or another have not posted it yet, we are leaving room in the quilt for squares coming in their own time.
I thought I would let you see how Louise, Liske and I will be putting the quilt together.
We have had over 400 gorgeous art works sent, so a great big thank you for joining in.
I start work with a coffee, crucial in my opinion.
The squares then need to be trimmed and
finger pressed into a square.
I use this right angle drawn onto stiffening to help with folding, then tack the fabric in place.
We are using this inky dark blue as the quilt backing. Each panel will have 80 pieces and the grid is made up of 11.5cm squares
The fun bit is definitely laying out the little works of art.
I am thrilled with how this diverse collection of images and techniques are working so well together.
I then tack each square on firmly ready to machine hem onto the backing.
With everything tacked on, this is what a 80 square panel will look like and we have another 4 of these.
This quilt really tells the story of individual experiences in this shared situation, all so different, many very emotional. I have been moved by the accompanying messages. Thank you also for the encouragement and good wishes.
I will be documenting my progress on this project on my Instagram feed, you can also follow the #sameseadifferentboat where other posts about the quilt will pop up.

A big thank you to Catherine Kingzett for her technical know how and moral support while constructing this massive and exciting project.


SueVinc said...

Jenny o Leary had already told me about this project. Then I forgot until I heard about it on Woman’s Hour just now. Is it too late to be involved ?

Sue Brown said...

No Sue, it's not too late, look forward to having you on board.

Q 🦉 said...

Would so like the instructions. Could you restore the link?