I am an artist who uses enameled metalwork and printmaking to tell stories.
Inspired by process as much as nature, my work springs from the pages of my sketchbooks, and I develop carefully researched themes, experimenting with print and vitreous enamel techniques. I am fascinated by the alchemy of heat and glass to enhance metal surfaces, and intrigued by working with a coating material that is ubiquitous in domestic ware. My approach to enamel is non-traditional, combining the hand-drawn with screen-printed and digital transfers onto etched copper, fabricated steel and re purposed objects.
Swarm Lamp in the Collectors room of the Museum in the Park, Stroud 
Illuminated Swarm Lamp as part of the night in the museum event. Stroud.
Illuminated Swarm Lamp as part of the night in the museum event. Stroud.
Alternative Lady brooch 
 Alternative Gentleman brooch 
Alternative Lady brooch  
Laddies and Gentlemen staues 
 Día de Muertos Ladies
Lost relative spoon 
New spoon collection
Collaborative cage with Julia Jowett
Collaborative cage with Julia Jowett
Gentlemen, work in progress.
Lady, a work in progress.
Lady, a work in progress.
New crow collection.
 New crow collection
 Work in progress.
 Work in progress.
The raw materials.
The raw materials.
Large Moth Experiment light.
Small, Moth Experiment light
Moth eaten spoons
Table spoons and teaspoons on ivory.
Ladies & Gentlemen
Lost Relative Spoons
Chintz Teaspoons
Chintz coffee, tea and table spoons.
Outside In
Inside Out
Lost Relative Labels
Lost Relatives
Lost Relatives


Jen Crossley said...
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Anonymous said...

Love these...so talented. Is there a way to buy a spoon by mail?

Patti Waterfield - Art said...

Love your work!!! It is so innovative and the use of metal and enamal with the printmaking is very exciting to look at.

Unknown said...

Hello I'm a student in north wales I was wondering if I can have your email to ask you a few questions ? I've admired your work for a few years and you've inspired a few of my projects thank you
Email: 236178@gllm.ac.uk

Anonymous said...

Where can we purchase the enameled chintz/insect spoons? They are incredible! I'll be asking my sons for one to celebrate my 81st birthday in June of this year. Help me celebrate a young heart!

Unknown said...

Wow! Just wow! Enamored with your talent! Beautiful. I wish you were my neighbor....😊

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