Monday, 31 December 2012


I have spent the last day of 2012 in the shed making enamel sketches.
Four pieces of steel covered in flux and white enamel.
Gold and silver leaf,
and my favourite transfers.
They could be straight out of my sketch book.
"Hope" is the thing with feathers-
That perches in the soul-
And sings the tune without the words-
And never stops-at all-
And sweetest-in the Gale-is heard-
And sore must be the storm-
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm-
I've heard it in the chilliest land-
And on the strangest Sea-
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb-of Me.
Happy and creative New Year.
(for Carolyn)

Friday, 21 December 2012


It's that time of year again when we do not question the dragging into the lounge a live tree.
Or question the taste of the things we adorn our houses with.

Up go the familiar decorations that connect us with our childhood Christmases, or
distance us from them in the determination to do something different and yes Rudolf does that for me.
                     I am still striving for the balance between vintage and contemporary, but I am comforted by the fact that if I do not get it right this year, I can have another stab at it next Yule Tide.
This year my annual fairy swap with the lovely Caroline McCatty is themed Frosty Fairy, her frosty fairy is on the right and I still think I get the better end of the swap!(
Thankyou to everyone who has stopped by to view my blog this year and thankyou for the encouraging comments. Happy Christmas one and all and here's to a creative New Year.

Thursday, 13 December 2012


What gets me into the Christmas mood? Not the endless assault on the ears from Slade and Wizard, or the queueing at the tills to buy socks, hankies and other items where only the thought really counts. 
It's when nature wraps itself in a blanket of ice.
Tuesday and Wednesday covered the Cotswold's in a crust of frost that twinkled on the edge of things.
 And provided me with inspiration that I could not ignore.
So once again locked in my shed, ignoring the call of the sellotape and the pile of unwritten cards
I  indulged myself with some sketch book work.
These rook drawings are 9 x 9cms and may be ideas for enamels.
Inspired by the festive season (I am not a complete humbug) these drawings are 18 x 30 cms.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I am still hard at it in the shed, hiding from the Christmas preparations really.
I have just finished this carborundum print of 3 rooks, just fitting on an A1 piece of Somerset

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I thought I would take a break from the crowds, wrapping and card writing of Christmas and take myself off to the Butterfly farm in Stratford-On-Avon.
Not only was it a break from the festive frolicking, it was warm and an assault on the senses.
Once through the plastic curtain the air is alive with floating colour.
Butterflies full of colour and gracefully fluttering among the tropical foliage.
I witnessed life emerging before my very eyes.
The thing that stuck me was the number of beautiful creatures there were, no hunting  to find them among the leaves, the air was full.
Inspirational and energising, just the tonic I needed.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I am exploring birds in flight, from drawing on paper.
These sheets are larger than A1.
Then translating the drawings into collagraph prints made of card, wood glue and carborundum. These birds are around life size, the plate just fitting on an A1 piece of Somerset etching paper.
This image is considerably smaller with its feet on the ground, silk aqua tint with tile cement.
There is something uncomfortable about a flying bird, it is such an alien image. We see birds in the sky every day, but perhaps it is easier to understand them moving than caught in frozen flight?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I expect we all know someone who is growing a moustache for Movember? Now I know I could raise a fortune if it was me, but as hard as I have tried I can only manage a goatee!
The lovely Rob has thrown his top lip into the ring to raise money for men's health and in 3 short weeks has developed a reasonable tache. Less Magnum and more Des Lynham, still not complaining.
I know lots of chaps are joining in, but those of you who have met lovely Rob know that this is quite a high profile gesture for him, especially as he works on building sites, can you imagine the leg pulling he is getting? Women are very open about their health issues, we like nothing better than to talk about our bits and bobs, chaps are a little more stoic and things get missed. Perhaps this out break of moustaches still covers up the fact that men do not face their health issues? But it is a start.
Show your support and pop over to the lovely Rob's mo site,
and donate, I promise Rob will wax the ends of his tache when the ends get long enough.

Friday, 16 November 2012


This teeny tiny enamel book is now part of an artists book exhibition.
an exhibition of experimental artists’ books

curated by we love your books|2012

15 November - 17 December 2012

Avenue Campus Foyer

Avenue Campus, The University of Northampton
St. George’s Avenue, Northampton NN2 6JD
For more details and to see the other exhibits,

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I thought I was over the beetle thing,
but I can't quite let it go.
I have had the drawing urge yet again and have some ideas for enamels and beetles bubbling up.  

Friday, 9 November 2012


This is the collection of work that has just been dropped off at the New Brewery Arts in Cirecester.
These pieces have been made especially
for the galleries Crafted for Christmas exhibition
which starts 24th November and goes on to the 2nd January.
Thanks again to the lovely job Sky Blue Framing has done for me.

Monday, 5 November 2012


I spent the weekend teaching a master class in sketch book techniques for the New Brewery Arts in Cirencester which has left me itching to work in my own sketch book.
Therefore I have spent the day working on an idea that I want to make into a collagraph.
These pages are 14 x 12cms and use a mixture of acrylic paint, acrylic ink, Quink and bleach, finished off with a light rubbing of sand paper.
My next Mixed Media Sketch book workshop is the 8-9 December at Hampen Factory, near Cheltenham. Contact me for details.


I have just delivered this set of enamel pictures to Nature in Art, Twigworth, Gloucestershire.
They will be displayed as part of their Contemporary Craft Exhibition.
14th November to 16th December.
I have taken the step to have these enamel pieces framed, I am very pleased with the finish.
Thanks to Sky Blue Framing for doing such a beautiful and fast job.

Friday, 2 November 2012


I have been invited to create a public art piece in enamel for the Bath Road in Cheltenham. This is the calm before the storm, my studio is set up to do the full scale drawing for the commission.
After the initial flattery I now have that, oh my goodness, how big?! feeling. Yes, seven and a half feet by three and a half fills the wall of my studio.
It will be a lovely thing to do as I live around the corner from the Bath Road and am part of this community. Cheltenham Connect and the Bath Road Traders Association want a piece of work commemorating the economic history of the road.  
There are businesses trading here that have been in the road for 200 years. I want to celebrate that constancy, rare in our fast moving age.
The Bath Road is full of independent traders and still looks like the original high street from my childhood.
A daunting project, but I am looking forward to working with a UWE college Rachel Davis and will be given a great deal of technical support from John at Hy-Tech Enamellers 
So into the breech of public art I hearing the intake of breath from those of you who have embarked on this sort of project?

Monday, 22 October 2012


I have been invited to show my enamel books as part of a Printmaking exhibition in Cheltenham.
The gallery is the Parabola Arts Centre,
A lovely spacious venue allowing plenty of room to view the work from both sides.
The exhibition is on until 27th October.