Thursday, 30 May 2013


Once every 2 years the spiders become homeless and I know where everything is...briefly!
My shed has had it's big tidy, yes you can see from this picture it is all under the press.
Work is being labelled, there will be a few bargains to be found here.
Sketch books are waiting to be thumbed.
The garden has been tweaked
and is waiting for Chris to place his work strategically to join the 2 enamel crows that have Great Tits visiting every day.
Thanks to my friend Dinny I have turned my enamel brooches into small sculptures, happily perched on cotton reel stands (with brooch pins still in place). Thanks Dinny.


Life has been somewhat unsettled of late...massive amounts of tidying and sorting getting my studio and house prepared for Cheltenham Open Studios. I find that this sort of activity mutes my creativity.
So for the last 2 days I have got stuck into the sketch book and allowed myself
to return to images of birds to get warmed up.
Working on pre prepared pages.
It then occurred to me it might be interesting to combine lost relative imagery
with my crows and moths.
Corvid, the bringers of mischief and life for some cultures.
Moths the symbol of death.
I could go on and on.
I am enjoying the playfulness combined with the eerie gothic quality 
these images have.
Must add some colour before it all gets too gloomy.

Friday, 24 May 2013


I am at the Forge 2 Gallery, Culworth OX17 2AZ today, demonstrating Collagraph printmaking. Lots of cake, if you are in the area come and say hello. for more details.


Yes it is that time again - Cheltenham Open Studios 8 - 16 June. All over Cheltenham artists are opening their work spaces or exhibiting their work in unusual and unexpected venues.
As part of my exhibition not only have I tidied my studio, generating 5 bags of rubbish, but I have made these limited edition enamel mugs.
Guides for this artistic extravaganza can be picked up from the tourist office or you can view it on line at I am exhibiting with jeweller Sharon McSwiney and sculptor Christopher Lisney at Venue 29, look forward to seeing you.


Tuesday found me back at Hy-Tech
working on the panels for the Bath Road commission.
The daunting whiteness of the bisque covered panels waiting to be drawn into.
Rachel is working with me on this project, it is exciting to be working alongside her as she has taught me so much about enamel.
We had been given a great working space on the factory floor, around us cast iron baths were being sprayed ready to go into the furnaces to have the enamel fired on.
It seemed such a big task, but Rachel and I complete 2 of the 3 panels that day.
Here Rachel has drawn into the bisque to reveal the black grip coat layer.
None of this would be possible without the support, knowledge and good humour of John. We are learning so much about industrial enamelling from him.
The 2 finished panels ready to be fired, I can't wait to see them done.

Monday, 13 May 2013


Lost relatives is a relevant theme for me at the moment.  
I am enjoying creating fantasy narratives around these images. 
Some lend themselves to obvious visual hooks.
My grandfather as a boy, lost because he died decades before I was born.
Is this a long lost aunt, I found her image in my fathers photograph album and will never have the chance to find out who she is.
I am thrilled with how well these etched steel labels enamel.
Did I notice that the cut outs look like an extension of her dress?
Does my father look like my children at the same age? Lost 30 years ago, but continuing as part of the next generation.
This work could easily become mawkish, but it is sad that these faces should be hidden from view and who knows someone might recognise who they are.
Found relatives, now there's a theme!

Monday, 6 May 2013


I am working in the shed this weekend, of course the weather was going to be fantastic!
Looking like an extra from Star Wars, but preparing steel for enamelling with Spirits of Salts this look is essential.
And here I am a Minion from Despicable Me.
All to make work ready for Art in Action in July.
But most of the weekend has been taken up with tidying the garden
in readiness for Cheltenham Open Studios.
We open for a week from 8th June.
By then I should have a garden full of Scarlet Tiger Moths.