Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The second workshop of the year at the yard:ARTspace. was Quick Collagraph.
In one day you can make several collagraph plates, ink and print.
Fueled by Tunnock's and Hobnobs it was an energetic and exciting day.
Everyone kicked off the day 
making 2 plates and 
printing colour overlays within an hour
of being at the yard.
The results were detailed,
glowing and
By the afternoon everyone had settled down
to making larger pieces.
Blended colour and
chine collee added different dimensions to the work.
We had a great day
and everyone went home with lots of prints.
There are lots of workshops planned this year at the yard:ARTspace, check www.theyardartspace.com for details.

Thursday, 26 January 2017


A few weeks ago I went on a little trip, 
I dropped work off at this gorgeous gallery, Artichoke Gallery at Ticehurst...this is near Hastings. I am showing collagraphs in their All Shapes and Sizes Exhibition on until March 25.
From there I went on to spend the weekend with my daughter, Holly who works at the Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire.
We had a delightful mooch around Hertford which is home to
a gorgeous museum.
Did you know that this is where the toothbrush was developed?
The town is full of beautiful Victorian brick buildings...just passing honestly!
The rest of the time was spent wandering around the Foundation grounds, these are Henry Moore's cactus's! 
The countryside still had it's winter colour,
but spring is trying to make a break.
Come Easter the Foundation will be open to visitors, I urge you to go, it is wonderful.
Thank you Holly for my relaxing weekend.

Monday, 16 January 2017


A new year and a new term at the yard:ARTspace and off we go with a spring in our step.
The ten week course has got going with dry point plates and I am looking forward to exploring multi plate printing and over laying colours.
The first weekend workshop of the year took place , energetic and exciting, 
fueled with custard creams and 
enriched by this lovely chartreuse green mixed for me by Hawthorn Printmaker Suppliers to match the yards corporate colour.
Concentration was the order of the weekend.
And lots and lots
of beautiful
mixed media and gum arabic transfer printed
booklets were made.
Everyone went away inspired to 
use that stash of random artists materials
we all collect over time and forget how
to use.
A great start to the year, a lovely bunch 
of excited, creative people. Check out the website for what is yet to come.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Happy New Year everyone. It is always a difficult creative time between Christmas and getting back into the swing of things in a new year. January is dark, the glitter has settled, things seem dull after  the twinkly lights
The answer for me is to draw,
draw, exploring new ideas and reworking things 
I know how to tackle. Creative survival is all about making things achievable.
So while the juicy mixed media drawings sit and quietly stew, I am straight into a stack of Magpies with a white background.
Grey board, glue and
a quantity of carborundum and I am off...!!
A new collagraph made and editioned. Three for a Girl and I am planning Four for a Boy as I type.
Still time to experiment and make the next installation for my Museum in the Park
First World War project...more of that later.

Happy New Year and I hope you find your strategy to get going again after in 2017.