Thursday, 26 September 2013


This week the weather at Hampen Factory is a bit different.
Mists and mellow fruitfulness come to mind.
I love that at this time of year, the hedgerows adorned with lace
and encrusted with fruity gems.
Back in the studio everyone inked up and printed their silk aquatint experiments. Ink it like an etching plate and use damp paper and an etching press. There were lots of very nice results, I feel that everyone produce some lovely prints and embraced the technique. This image shows a print on the right with the plate on the left.
This is a print of thick wood glue just dribbled onto the chiffon surface.
This demonstrates taking a proof then reworking the plate showing how it is possible to lighten areas dramatically.
Cleaning the plate well and degreasing it  makes it possible to add more glue or acrylic gel to lighten areas and add the differences here.
The technique produces images that look very painterly and atmospheric, not typical of a collagraph plate at all.
Same plate, different approach to inking. What a transformation.
These are just a few examples from yesterdays class, I have not picked favourites as everyone produced such interesting results and I will share them as the weeks go on. I am very excited at how everyone has got stuck in and really experimented with this technically tricky plate making technique.
I think I ought to do a weekend workshop for those who can't come on a Wednesday?


Anne B said...

Ooh what lovely samples. Is it "dribble" or "drizzle" though - or is drizzling just for chefs and foodies?!

Caroline said...

Great experiments from lucky people that are living close enough to go on this course! And in such beautiful surroundings.

LAC EMP 2020 said...

Come on then, get the diary out! I've got mine open at any date, any time.... I've got the chiffon or it might be organza and I'm raring to try this out. You sort out a workshop and I'll be there! xx

sukiartist said...

weekend workshop please Sue