Thursday, 26 March 2015


The last Wednesday of the first 10 week printmaking course at the yard:ARTspace has arrived. The 3 classes have made beautiful work and for the last session experimental prints were bound into simple book forms.
I like to gather the groups together to work on this step by step activity for the last class.
There was lots of decorative paper envy, reflection on the past weeks work.
Giggling, measuring and cutting, plus the odd rude word as
the occasional plan goes wrong.
Prints were bundled together, back and front boards cut and covered, then everything was sewn together.
There was even enough time to embellish some books with stamps and embossing powder.
All in all we made a set of neat little books full of delicious collagraphs, a record of a productive term. 
Thankyou everyone for making my first term at the yard:ARTspace such a success.

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Sharon McSwiney said...

Lovely idea to make the books - a great record. I'll have to get you to show me that stitching technique when I'm up with you... :-) xx