Tuesday, 17 March 2015


For the past couple of months it has all been about the yard:ARTspace. www.theyardartspace.com, so what has happened to the Shed?
The shed is still very much the centre of my practice.
The garden is waking up to spring and there has been a massive spring clean in the shed since the press moved to the yard.
The first thing I did was to buy this fantastic metal cupboard off ebay,
it is standing in the space left behind by the press and very neatly houses my enamel tools and materials.
I have created display and storage areas on the shelves around the shed.
And now have room to make a feature of old tools and equipment. For the moment I know where everything is...for the moment!
The shed has become enamelling central, these small labels are part of a collaboration with artists Hilary Mayo, www.hilarymayoceramics.com and Julia Jowett, www.facebook.com/juliajowett.
 We are exhibiting together with other Midland Cohort, Hothouse artists in The Gathering at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester in June, www.newbreweryarts.org.uk/making-a-visit/main-gallery-exhibitions/the-gathering 
After  several months as a dumping ground while the yard:ARTspace got all the attention, the shed has now had the love it deserves and is a wonder space to create in, I will print in the yard, but draw and enamel in the shed. 

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Sharon McSwiney said...

Looking lovely & inspiring as always...I must get my gran's old Singer out! x