Tuesday 12 May 2015


With Art in Action racing towards me I wanted to create one really large image.
So I hit my A2 sketchbook, joined a piece of paper together to a page to make an A1 drawing developing the birds on a washing line theme.
And off I went making a collagraph plate.
I use grey board as it gives me a good mid tone , I use cutting and peeling to create darks.
PVA sealant and exterior wood glue
are brilliant for light areas and highlights.
Making the laundry was great fun. Oiling up my favourite wallpapers and pressing it into repair and skim plaster...so far no art shop has been entering in the making of this plate!
One layer of shellac later...
and I have a piece 66 x 95cm ready for Art in Action.
For more details about the event go to http://www.artinaction.org.uk/


RH Carpenter said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the steps (I always like to see how a piece is made, especially in printmaking).

Sharmon Davidson said...

wow- just gorgeous. I would love to learn how to do collagraphs. Any recommendations on books for beginners?

Caroline said...

Oooh I love it!

Wendy Rhodes said...

Domestic Bliss!

Sheri G said...

This is incredibly beautiful. Will it be up for sale?

Lizzie said...

How fab is this?! I haven't seen such delicate work from a collagraph print before. They usually seem to have deep, dark and brooding themes, with colours to match! I really like what you have done, with just greyboard, plaster and a bit of glue & shellac. Oh, and a very lovely image of course!

Unknown said...

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