Sunday, 9 August 2015


Where do I get my inspiration and energy from, easily answered, teaching and research trips.
I found myself teaching an enamel workshop last weekend at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester.It was suppose to be a basic level workshop,
but thanks to the high caliber creatives who took part
some sophisticated samples were produced.
We used very basic techniques, from sgraffito drawing into the dried, wet enamel,
stamping and sifting techniques and lots of layering.
The kiln was hot and firing for 2 days.
I demonstrated the joys of transfers on enamel to whet everyone's appetites for extending the process.
Using these very
basic tools and
processes, combined
with a group full of ideas, 
some very lovely 
work was
All this creativity in one place left me itching to make work myself. Facilitating workshops always leave me with itchy fingers, desperate to explore ideas myself. This is why I teach.
So the next day, the lovely Mr Brown and I went to my all time most inspiring place, after the British Museum and the Oxford Natural History Museum...Slimbridge.
146 photographs later, plans in my head to make a collection of wildfowl collagraphs I hit my studio
with plans to make work for Select Showcase in October and played and played
and played.
At last I have been able to introduce birds to my enamel and label watch this space, there is a great deal more to come as I am planning a drawing and collagraph plate making fortnight over the summer. 


LAC EMP 2020 said...

Two weeks of drawing and collagraphs sounds like heaven to me! Looking forward to talking about all things avian next week and hearing what Slimbridge has inspired for the months ahead. Great workshop outcomes. You obviously inspired them as much as they did you.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

NICE work!