Wednesday 21 August 2019


Looking over past blog posts, there is a pattern. When I have my summer break I experiment. Some times new images, but the past few summers I have found myself experimenting with new processes.
I made these mixed media drawings earlier in the year and
 have found myself sitting on the idea in the hope that inspiration will come. If you wait long enough something happens? I decided to photo copy the drawings and turn them into gum arabic transfer prints.
These are the results so far.
A series of layered prints on cotton.
Certainly works in progress. Something is missing.
I had a little break through by printing
onto a piece of eco printed fabric (another experimental obsession at the moment)
Now I need to see what will happen if I eco print into the earlier fabric samples.

Working progressively over several days back to back helps to generate ideas. It is no good for me to do a bit once a week, I have to be head down and work on ideas solidly over a number of consecutive hours, putting right things that go wrong and developing things that go right. Its getting over the little voice in my head that says, 'Nah don't bother'
What does your little voice say?

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