Monday 24 June 2019


It has now been a week since I gave over my house, garden and life to Cheltenham Open Studios.
A week of people coming to see me and my work and that of the incredibly talented Caroline McCatty and the super creative Sharon McSwiney
People arrived throughout the week, directed to the studio in the garden which
had been tweeked and pampered to create a lush jungle of plants. Much enjoyed and a relief to those who were not so keen to look at art.
Completely given over to showing work, my shed had been sorted over 3 days.
My lounge was made into a serene art gallery.
prints and enamels.
Fantasy objects
Metal work and
Caroline's exquisite objects, beautifully made and
wonderfully painted.
After 9 days of talking, listening to incredible stories and sharing our thoughts and despite the rain...thank you to everyone who ventured through my front door and up the garden path to my shed. All 627 of you!!

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